Interface SipRefreshListener

public interface SipRefreshListener

Listener interface for RefreshHelper events. This interface defines an event that contains a refreshID to identify the corresponding refresh task, statusCode that represent the result of this refresh (0 = cancelled, 2xx = successful, else = failure). The statusCode corresponds to the most recent response received for the request sent either by the application (in the case of the original request) or by the SipRefreshHelper (in the case of an automatic refresh request). Note that the application might receive notification of response to the original request twice: once by calling receive() of the SipClientConnection which was used to send the request, and once in the SipRefreshListener.refreshEvent() callback.

The implementation of the SipRefreshHelper compliant to this specification MUST report the refresh responses to the refreshEvent callback in case of failure response codes (3xx - 6xx), and it MAY report them in case of successful refreshing (2xx). It MUST NOT report provisional (1xx) responses.

In case of failure of either the original request or a subsequent refresh request the refreshing is automatically stopped and the failure response is reported in the refreshEvent() callback.

The reasonPhrase gives a textual message about either success or failure of this refresh task.

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Method Summary
 void refreshEvent(int refreshID, int statusCode, java.lang.String reasonPhrase)
          Called when a refresh task is successfully started, refreshed, cancelled or failed.

Method Detail


void refreshEvent(int refreshID,
                  int statusCode,
                  java.lang.String reasonPhrase)

Called when a refresh task is successfully started, refreshed, cancelled or failed.

refreshID - refresh ID
statusCode - the status code of the refresh task. If a response message was received the code corresponds to the response status code
reasonPhrase - additional textual message

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