Interface EventDataListener

public interface EventDataListener

With this interface applications are able to receive events from the system and from other applications. The EventDataListener interface MUST be implemented by an application and registered with the EventManager to receive events.

The application MUST NOT make any assumptions about synchronization of calls to the EventDataListener. The listener may be called at any time. The application is responsible for handling concurrency.

From the call to handleEvent until it returns the event system will not change the state of the EventData instance. After handleEvent returns the state of the EventData instance is unpredictable.

MIDP 3.0
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Method Summary
 void handleEvent(EventData value)
          Called with the EventData for the event to which this listener has been registered.

Method Detail


void handleEvent(EventData value)
Called with the EventData for the event to which this listener has been registered. This method will be called when the value has changed.

value - An EventData object containing the value that triggered the event.


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