NetBeans IDE 7.0 于21日发布了!

NetBeans IDE 7.0 于今日发布了!

该版本引入了对Java SE 7的支持,还整合了Oracle WebLogic server,支持Oracle Database和GlassFish3.1;其它亮点还有对Maven3和HTML5编辑的支持;一个新的GridBagLayout设计模块,以增强 Swing GUI开发;以及Java编辑器增强等。

NetBeans IDE 7.0提供英语,葡萄牙语,日语,俄语和简体中文版本。

NetBeans 是一个为软件开发者提供的自由、开源的集成开发环境。是一个开放框架,可扩展的开发平台,可以用于Java,C语言/C++,PHP,Python,Ruby等程序的开发,本身是一个开发平台,可以通过扩展插件来扩展功能。


  •     Project Coin support
  •     Editor enhancements: Code completion, hints

WebLogic Server
  •     Streamlined and faster deployment to WebLogic
  •     New server runtime node displaying deployed applications and resources
  •     JSF integration with server libraries

Oracle Database
  •     Simplified connection wizard
  •     Guided installation to JDBC driver
  •     Editing and deployment of stored procedures

  •     GlassFish 3.1 support
  •     Domain restart and log viewer for remote GlassFish
  •     Enable and disable deployed applications

  •     Maven 3 support
  •     JUnit 4.8.2 integration and various JUnit improvements
  •     Remote HTTP URLs supported for Javadoc in libraries and Java platforms
  •     New improved visual customizer for GridBagLayout

Java EE
  •     Improved support for CDI, REST services and Java Persistence
  •     New support for Bean Validation
  •     Support for JSF component libraries, including bundled PrimeFaces library
  •     Improved editing for Expression Language in JSF, including code completion, refactoring and hints

Web Languages
  •     HTML5 editing support
  •     JSON formatter

  •     Generate PhpDoc
  •     Rename refactoring, Safe Delete Refactoring
  •     PHP 5.3 - Support for aliases

  •     Easy import of project from user's existing binary
  •     New Project type where user's source files are located on remote system

NetBeans Platform
  •     Annotations for generating Action registrations in the layer
  •     Performance enhancements & tight integration with Profiler
  •     Additional NetBeans API changes

  •     Word wrap in Editor
  •     Enhanced Profiler integration
  •     Less intrusive checking for external changes when switching between the IDE and other programs.